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We invest in agriculture and land in Eastern Europe

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Briefly about FirstFarms

FirstFarms is a public limited company which invests in agriculture and land in Eastern Europe. The company purchases and modernises farming companies and land in order to optimise their operation so future production of agricultural produce will be competitive in terms of price and quality. 

Latest company announcements

FirstFarms A/S purchases larger agriculture in Slovakia as part of growth strategy

(1) FF purchases larger agriculture in Slovakia (UK)

(1) Anders and Eskild

Allocation of warrants to management and employees in FirstFarms A/S and in the company's subsidiaries

(21) Warrants (UK)

Major shareholder announcement - Thoraso ApS

(20) Major shareholder - Thoraso (UK)

Share price development in FirstFarms A/S

FirstFarms is listed on NASDAQ Copenhagen, where the share is traded in the SmallCap index.

The development in FirstFarms' share price can be seen on this external link (NASDAQ Copenhagen).

Annual report

FirstFarms annual report 2017



Shareholder portal

Here it is possible for investors to see their information about own stock, transactions, enrol to the AGM, submit powers of attorney etc.



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