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FirstFarms has production in four countries

Czech Republic

Pig production71,500 slaughter pigs
Crop production1,150 hectares


Slovakia (Zahorie)

Milk production2,600 milking cows / 2,700 young cattle
Crop production9,000 hectares


Slovakia (Gabcikovo)

Pig production2,300 sows / 45,000 piglets / 35,000 slaughter pigs
Crop production1,500 hectares



Pig production2,500 sows / 87,000 piglets

East Romania

Crop production4,350 hectares

Company announcements and press releases

FirstFarms A/S adjusts upwards and clarifies the expectations to the year's result

Report on insiders trade with FirstFarms A/S' shares

Major shareholder announcement - Bendt Wedell

Financial performance

FirstFarms is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S, where the share is traded in the SmallCap index.

The development in FirstFarms' share price can be seen on this external link 
(Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S).


Watch CEO Anders H. Nørgaard and CFO Michael Hyldgaard describe the background for the good interim result

Opening of silo in Malacky, Slovakia