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Social responsibility

FirstFarms approves the development towards a more sustainable agriculture. We are aware that our operations have impact on climate and nature and it is our goal to continuously reduce this impact. At FirstFarms, we believe that we cannot run our business without taking care of the environment, our employees, our animals and the commitment to the local community. Therefore, corporate social responsibility is one of the strategic areas in FirstFarms. Every day, we work on creating a more sustainable company, improve working conditions and support the local community.

FirstFarms supports, and contributes to, United Nations 2030 agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and we are thus systematically working with activities, that support the Sustainable Development Goals, including ”No hunger”, ”Life on land”, ”Climate action”,  "Responsible consumption" and ”Decent work and economic growth”.

To illustrate our work with sustainable development, we use Nasdaq’s recommendation for reporting – ESG-data (Environment, Social, Governance). ESG-data contains standardised key figures and ratios about the company’s work with Environment, Social areas and Governance. The key ratios are included in the annual report of Corporate Social Responsibility, and the figures give the surroundings a glance in our work with a sustainable development and how we perform on the area.