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Why do we have a whistleblower platform?


One of our values is Responsibility. FirstFarms is committed to conduct business with high accountability and transparency. Our Whistleblowing platform is created in order to reduce risk of serious wrongdoing and malpractice within our organisation and to prevent their harmful impact on our company and its reputation.

If you are FirstFarms’ employee or external collaborator and has knowledge about serious misconduct and/or illegal acts, threats to public interest/national security, as well as fraud and corruption within our organisation please rise a concern through our Whistleblower platform.

You can read more about FirstFarms’ Whistleblowing policy here.

Whistleblower protection from repercussions/retaliations

It is a fundamental term of every contract of employment, that an employee will serve employer’s best interests and not disclose confidential information about the employer’s affairs. Nevertheless, where an individual discovers information, which they believe shows serious malpractice or wrongdoing within the organisation, then this information should be disclosed without fear of repercussions. No matter if a complaint is made anonymous or not, FirstFarms guarantees protection from repercussions and retaliation. Any such action against a whistleblower will not be tolerated by FirstFarms.

Who administrates FirstFarms' whistleblower platform?

Your report will initially be reviewed by members of FirstFarms’ Audit Committee, who will determine further action.

Even though the Whistleblower platform is part of FirstFarms’ website, only members of FirstFarms’ Audit Committee have access to the reports. The technical setup of the platform is administrated by ORIGINALEN ApS.



Are reports to FirstFarms whistleblower platform secure and confidential?

Any report you make will be kept confidential to the fullest extent possible throughout the investigation. We do not save the IP address you have sent your report from.

We will communicate with you through the password you should save, after you have submitted a report via our website. You will receive a written result of the investigation by inserting the saved password in the field at the bottom of the page. We are obligated to investigate and to give a written answer to you within 60 (sixty) calendar days from the moment your report enters in the possession of FirstFarms’ Audit Committee.

Thus, we encourage you to check regularly if there is an answer, as we could request more information from you in connection with the investigation.

What should be reported through the whistleblower platform?

If you are a FirstFarms’ employee and has a concern to report of any kind, we encourage you to use the standard communication channels as line managers, the manager’s manager, HR responsible or Legal Adviser.

If you are uncomfortable to report through the above-mentioned channels or want to report anonymously, please submit your complaint through the FirstFarms’ Whistleblowing platform.

Only the following serious misconducts(violations) should be reported through the Whistleblower platform:


What should be reported through the whistleblower platform?
  • ​​​​Criminal offense regarding public procurement and auctions.
  • Offenses of public officials.
  • Any offense under the Penal Code from the country in which the complaint is formulated.
  • An administrative offense for which a fine may be imposed with a ceiling determined by calculation.
  • Any corruption and bribe crimes under the Criminal Code in force.
  • Other criminal activities.
  • Activities that may result in environmental hazard.
  • Activities that may have impact on the life or health of individuals.
  • Unfair treatment of an employee and other unethical behaviour.
  • Non-compliance with FirstFarms’ Code of Conduct and other internal policies.
  • Any other activity that may be investigated according to this Policy.
What should NOT be reported through the whistleblower platform?
  • Complaints regarding terms of employment, e.g. salary, vacation, terms of employment.
  • Practical complaints on daily routine assignments.
  • Violation of internal policies on daily routine assignments, e.g. smoke policy.