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FirstFarms' DNA




Who we are and what to expect from us

Based on professional management and best practice, we acquire and operate business in the area of agriculture and food products in Central Europe with responsibility for the surrounding communities. We develop the individual farms to more modern businesses that deliver highest quality, primarily to the local food processing companies. FirstFarms approves the development towards a more sustainable agriculture, and we work every day on creating a more sustainable company.

We ensure attractive return on the operation and increase in value for our investors and have focus on risk diversification of products and branches of operation. We also act on new opportunities, that create value for our investors and the surroundings.

We manage agriculture with knowledge and ambitions

We are farmers with expertise and experience. We are passionate about working with the soil, animals and machinery, and we have extensive knowledge of the areas we operate in, the agricultural produce we make, and those markets we produce to.

Talent is an obligation, and as a consequence we set our level of ambition high. FirstFarms’ ambition is to become one of Europe’s best operated and most profitable companies in the area of agriculture and food products. We will reach our goals owing to our engagement, knowledge and diligence. By being respectful to our surroundings and running proper and responsible agriculture.

We manage agriculture with respect for the animals and the soil

We focus on animal welfare. All our employees are trained to ensure good living conditions for our animals. We treat our animals well – every day.

It is important to us that our fields make a good appearance. That the crops stand evenly and our machines and tools look great. We are filled with pride when we see our fields. We make an effort – every day.

We manage agriculture with respect for people and surroundings

We have great working conditions. Many of us have been good colleagues for many years and will continue to be so for years to come. New, good colleagues join because they have heard that we have a great workplace.

We are great neighbours, too. We run large-scale farms but we will never be too large to take an active part in the local community, and we behave properly.

We manage agriculture with respect for our shareholders

The distance between thought and action is short in FirstFarms’ stables and fields. When it comes to investing in the agriculture of tomorrow – when we manage the trust and capital our shareholders confide in us – we do it meticulously and with due care.

FirstFarms invests in soil, animals and property – all tangible assets. No pipe-dreams, no quick-fixes or quick buck. Instead, our investment strategy is characterised by due care. We are careful, considerate, and we think long-term strategically. We diversify risks so neither our business nor the shareholders’ capital will be heavily influenced by local ‘issues’.

We have an exchange platform and we are proud of it. It is an obligation and our ambition is to provide our shareholders with an attractive dividend.