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Shareholder tours


FirstFarms' goal is to give its shareholders the opportunity to gain an insight into the company's activities in Eastern Europe in order to expand their knowledge of the company's activities and business area. Currently, the shareholder tours take place every second year to the activities in Slovakia. In 2018, we extended the shareholder tour to include at visit at the company's production sites in Hungary. The shareholder tours are user-paid and forthcoming shareholder tours are announced via its website.

The tour participants have had the option of visiting the company's farms, located close to the Slovakian capital, Bratislava. Here it has been possible to visit some of the company's approximately 9,300 hectares of arable land and a cattle stock of approximately 2,500 dairy cattle. In Hungary, they had the possibility to see the company's 2 production sites with 2,500 sows with piglets along with review of the production and our development plans. The tours offer plenty of opportunities to see, and gain insight into, farming practice via meetings with the divisional managers at the agricultural establishments. In addition to giving the opportunity to view the company's activities in Slovakia and Hungary, the tours have also offered corporate hospitality events such as a dinner for all participants where networking has been exerted.

On these 4-days tours, which take place in June, approx. 40 persons participate and the price will be between DKK 5,500 and DKK 6,000 per person. The price covers flight ticket, hotel accommodation, cultural activities / tours and various meals.

Has this aroused your interest, please send a mail with advance indication to Tina Thomsen at