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FirstFarms Granero s.r.o.

The company became a part of the FirstFarms Group in 2018. The main activity is crop production and slaughter pig production. The production of slaughter pigs is divided on two different sites with a total yearly production of 70,000 slaughter pigs.

Genetic, certificates and awards


In our production, we are using DanBred, which is a very high-performance sow.  We have chosen this type, as it ensures a high meat percentage with a high consistent quality. Our pig farm is designed to accommodate many piglets under conditions that are easy to operate and control.


Farms: Vlasatice and Hevlín, Czech Republic
Head office: Vlasatice
Feed mill: Vlasatice - production capacity: 19,000 tons/year

Facts about Vlasatice

Fattening farm with 10,000 stables

Silo capacity: 250 tons (divided on 10 silos)

Facts about Hevlín

Fattening farm with 9,000 stables

Silo capacity: 120 tons (divided on 10 silos)


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FirstFarms Granero s.r.o.
Vlasatice 419, 691 30 Vlasatice
Czech Republic
Telephone: +420 519 425 221 

Production director: 
Attila Koczkas;

Jitka Pejchlová; 


Pictures and videos