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FirstFarms, Záhorie

We operate 8,075 hectares of agricultural land in Záhorská nízina in the Southwest of Slovakia, close to both the Czech and Austrian border. The areas are in a dry climate with up 650 mm rain yearly. Part of our agricultural land is light sandy soil, another part is heavy soil and along the river of Morava it is more clay soil.

Genetics, certificates and awards

Certificates and awards

2019; Top Agro 2019, 1st price - for the ability to utilise disadvantageous areas.


Head office: Vinohradok, Slovakia (3 km from Malacky)

Facts about FirstFarms, Záhorie

Agricultural land: 9,325 hectares, of which 1,250 hectares are meadows

Main sales crops: Wheat, barley, rye, maize, sugar beets, rape seed, poppies and pumpkins

Crops for feed for our cows: Maize silage, alfalfa, grass and tritical for silage and hay from the meadows

Others: Poplar and miscanthus in cooperation with IKEA

Feed production: 60,000 tons / year

Sales crops: 52,000 tons / year

Storage capacity: 27,000 tons on four different locations


FirstFarms Agra M. s.r.o.
FirstFarms Mást Stupava a.s.
FirstFarms Mlyn Záhorie a.s.
Vinorádok 5741
901 01 Malacky

Søren Gerber Nielsen;

PA to COO:
Adela Vrablecová; 

Production director:
Ricki D. Pedersen; 

Land office:

Ing. Ján Cogan;

Peter Svorec; 

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