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FirstFarms Hungary Kft.

The company, which became a part of the FirstFarms Group in 2017, was established by a group of Danish investors with worldwide know how within pig production together with an innovative Hungarian team. FirstFarms Hungary Kft. exists today as a stable and economically sound company.

Excellent quality and genetic


In our production we are using Danish Genetics and are proud to be Danish Genetics partner. It means that our pig production consists of both world class genetic expertise and highly professional pig breeding. The aim of genetic selection is to optimise the production and our profit, by breeding pigs known for its high meat percentage and high quality.


High Quality Pork Trademark

Our production is awarded High Quality Pork Trademark, which is a certification for pork with higher quality, provided by a comprehensive product certification system.  This trademark guarantees that the pork comes from a reliable source, that it can be traced from the piglet to the dinner table, and that it is produced under regular, strict and continuous inspection.

Top 30 innovation projects

As a founding member of the Hungarian benchmarking programme linked to a newly developed monitoring system within pig production, called STEWARD, the group shares all experiences of effectiveness.



Farms: Gádoros & Orosháza, Békés region, Hungary
Head office: Gádoros
Feed mill: Gádoros - production capacity (max.): 10,000 tons/year

Facts about Gádoros

This is the breeding center with 2,500 sows, where inseminations and births take place.

The piglets stay with the sows, until weaning and then moved to Orosháza, when they weigh around 6-7 kg.

Facts about Oroshaza

The piglets are fed until they weigh 25-30 kg and are then sold to one of FirstFarms' subsidiaries or to another slaughter farm, for further fattening before slaughter.

Yearly, more than 87,000 piglets are sold from this location.


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FirstFarms Hungary Kft.
H-5930 Gádoros, Tanya hrsz 073/8
Telefon: +36 68 490 016

Sarusi-Kis Tamás (photo); 

Morten Knudsgaard; 

Pig production:
Tibor Csikasz; 

The energy review report of 2020 can be seen here.

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