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FirstFarms Granero s.r.o.

We operate 1,150 hectares of agricultural land in the Southeast of Czech Republic. The areas are located in a continental climate zone with both light and heavy soil combinations. With an annual rainfall of approx. 400 mm, it is the driest area in the southern area of Moravia. We are mainly producing feed for our animals.

Facts about FirstFarms Granero

Agricultural land: 1,150 hectares

Main crops: Wheat, winter barley, winter rape seed, sunflower

Sales crops: 700 tons / year

Feed production: 6,000 tons / year

Storage capacity: 8,000 tons


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FirstFarms Granero s.r.o.
Vlasatice 419
691 30 Vlasatice
Czech Republic

Production director:
Attila Koczkas;

Jitka Pejchlová;

Martin Papaj; 

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Everyday life