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FirstFarms Agro East s.r.l.

We operate 5,100 hectares of agricultural land in Surdila Greci (Braila county), CA Rosetti og Rusetu (Buzau county); all in East Romania. The areas are located in a continental climate zone close to the Black Sea. The main part of our agricultural land is a fertile black soil (chernozem soil), not far above the groundwater.

Our crop production is equipped with a modern machine park. The crop center has also silos and storage capacity.

Facts about FirstFarms Agro East

Agricultural land: 5,100 hectares

Main crops: Wheat, maize, rape seed, soya, sunflower, barley

Sales crops: 24,000 tons / year

Storage capacity: 27,000 tons


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FirstFarms Agro East s.r.l.
DN2B, Loc. Surdila Greci, Str. Garii, Nr. 1, 
Braila County, Postal code 817160

Business director:
Simona Blag;

Production director:
Bjarne Maj;


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