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FirstFarms Gabčíkovo s.r.o.

We operate 1,550 hectares of agricultural land in Trnava county in the South of Slovakia, close to the river of Donau. The areas are in a continental climate zone with variable soil type on almost every field. Old riverbeds, which are divided by canals and forest, give the perfect conditions for production of maize, barley, wheat and rape seed. All the fields are located in Dunajská Sreda region around Gabčíkovo.

Facts about FirstFarms Gabčíkovo

Agricultural land: 1,550 hectares

Main crops: Wheat, maize, rape seed and barley

Sales crops: 5,000 tons / year

Crops for feed: 6,000 tons / year

Silo capacity: 12,000 tons

Storage capacity: 5,000 tons 


Children of our region camped well again- the popular family barbeque was again part of the program.

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Good to give and together even better! Collegues of FirstFarms Hungary Kft. (FFH) have teamed up this year again and decided to collect sweets and…

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FirstFarms Gabčíkovo s.r.o.
Patasská 586
930 05 Gabčíkovo

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Ole Hjelm;  

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