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Shareholder portal

Owners of shares in FirstFarms have access to FirstFarms' shareholder portal.

About the shareholder portal

With a personal access code, shareholders can gain access to information about their own stock and transactions undertaken with FirstFarms' shares.

Individual shareholders can register on the shareholder portal with an e-mail address. Shareholders with an e-mail address will automatically receive information from FirstFarms in relation to significant events in the company. FirstFarms, in accordance with the articles of association, wishes to communicate only electronically with shareholders since this method of distribution is simpler and saves the company significant costs.

The shareholder portal can also be used for feedback and proxy voting in connection with FirstFarms' annual general meetings.


On purchasing shares, each registered shareholder will receive a letter from FirstFarms approximately 14 days after the share purchase, providing information about the deposit number and access code. The letter can only be sent to name registered shareholders and registration must occur in the shareholder's own financial institution.

Access code which is sent in connection with the purchase of shares shall be changed to a personal access code the first time you log into the shareholder portal.

Lost access codes and login

Forgotten or lost access codes can be re-accessed by clicking on the shareholder portal. At the bottom of the shareholder portal in the login box, shareholders can request re-advisement of their access code by entering their deposit number. FirstFarms' register of shareholders will then send a new access code by e-mail.

Register of shareholders

FirstFarms' register of shareholders is kept by Computershare A/S.