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1. Contact  
Contact FirstFarms' contact persons in Slovakia are: COO Field Soren G. Nielsen son@firstfarms.com  COO Livestock Soren G. Nielsen son@firstfarms.com  
2. Slovakia  
Slovakia The Group's subsidiaries in Slovakia: FirstFarms Agra M s.r.o., with its registered seat at Vinohrádok 5741, Malacky 901 01, The Slovak Republic, ICO 34 122 087, registered in the...  
3. Home  
News service Join FirstFarms' news service and get information automatically Shareholder portal Here it is possible for investors to see their information about own stock, transactions, enrol...  
4. About FirstFarms  
FirstFarms Romania FirstFarms Slovakia Objectives History About FirstFarms FirstFarms is a public limited company which invests in agriculture and land in Eastern Europe. The company...  
5. Company information  
General Meeting Articles of Association Organisation The FirstFarms Group Company information This section contains information about FirstFarms' organisation and management, articles of...  
6. Investor relations  
Shareholder tours Shareholder portal Financial calendar Contact Corporate Governance Press Financial information News service Investor relations FirstFarms wishes for an open and...  
7. Press  
Press FirstFarms is focused on maintaining an open and ongoing dialogue with the press in order to ensure a rapid and professional service in relation to issues concerning the company. Press releases...  
8. History  
History In 2005, eight Danish investors and farmers purchased the Slovakian agricultural company Agra M. In the spring of 2006, four of the investors were bought out and the four remaining owners...  
9. Objectives  
Objectives FirstFarms invests in farming companies and land in Eastern Europe, where favourable cost, production and sales conditions provide the foundation for continued high operating earnings. In...  
10. FirstFarms Slovakia  
FirstFarms Slovakia In Slovakia, FirstFarms undertook one of the largest Danish agricultural investments in Eastern Europe with the acquisition in 2005, 2006 and 2007 of three farming companies in...  
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