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Management and Board of Directors


Anders H. Nørgaard

Board of directors

FirstFarms' Board of Directors consists of:

Manager Henrik Hougaard (Chairman)

Board member since December 2004 and Chairman since September 2006

Henrik Hougaard has several board positions, including Scandinavian Farm Invest A/S and Thoraso ApS. Furthermore, he is also manager of Thoraso Invest ApS and Skaarupgaard ApS.

Asbjørn Børsting, Manager (Vice chairman)

Board member since April 2014, and vice chairman since 2018.

Asbjørn Børsting is board chairman in Crop Innovation Denmark and holds board positions in i.e. Danæg Holding A/S and Wefri A/S. Furthermore, Asbjørn Børsting is Manager in i.e. DAKOFO.

Jens Bolding Jensen, Manager

Board member since April 2013

Jens Bolding Jensen is Manager in i.e. Jørgen Schou Holding A/S and holds board positions in i.e. Schou Company A/S, Schou Invest Kolding A/S and Schou & Sondrup A/S.

Karina Boldsen

Board member since April 2020

Karina Boldsen works as professional board member/chairman and runs the consulting company Karina+, which provides advice about boards, compositions of the board and educates new board members in collaboration with the Business Academy in Aarhus.

Manager Bendt Wedell

Board member since April 2020

Bendt Wedell is i.e. chairman of the board in AIC A/S and holds board positions in i.e. Wefri A/S, De 5 Gaarde A/S and Donau Agro ApS. Furthermore, Bendt Wedell is Manager in i.e. Wefri A/S, Frijs ApS and Vicus Ejendomme ApS.



The Board of Directors' duties in addition to FirstFarms A/S are shown in abstract only. A complete overview of the board member' responsibilities and competences can be found in the company's annual report.