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In 2005, eight Danish investors and farmers purchased the Slovakian agricultural company Agra M. In the spring of 2006, four of the investors were bought out and the four remaining owners continued the cooperation and purchased in July 2006 the Slovakian agricultural company Mast Stupava. The four investors continued the work already begun on modernising and made the agricultural establishment more efficient using Danish know-how and agricultural management, but because such large-scale investment of the kind desired by the investors where so capital intensive, they decided to form the company in order to list it on the stock exchange and thereby obtain the capital for their investments - not only in Slovakia but also in other Eastern European countries. The strategy was to spread the investments geographically throughout Eastern Europe and in different primary areas.

In December 2006, FirstFarms A/S was listed on the stock exchange and acquired approximately 2,600 shareholders and a share capital of DKK 471,224,100, which has been invested in farming companies and land in SlovakiaRomaniaHungary and Czech Republic.

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