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Milk production

As of January 2017, FirstFarms' milk production in Slovakia comprises approximately 5,000 cattle, of this 2,500 dairy cows.

The preconditions for an improved milk yield include a number of different factors and actions on the part of FirstFarms. Since the acquisition of the farming companies in Slovakia, a particular degree of focus has been placed on both feed composition and feed quality for the stock.

Increases in animal production are due to significant investments in both animal and vegetable production, rationalisation measures, education of local staff and alteration of the feed mix for the animals. Consequently, animal production is currently at a level almost equal to that of the best Danish milk producers.

To expand and make the milk production in Slovakia more efficient, FirstFarms has built a new stable for 2,700 dairy cows, including a new milking parlour, building for feed storage, and invested in various environmental measures to comply with national and EU requirements regarding the environment and improved animal welfare. The construction reflects the significant economies of scale attainable in agricultural production, within the framework of Slovakian agricultural legislation. 

At the same time, a significant factor involves increasing the level of knowledge amongst local staff via training and education, in order to ensure animal welfare and thereby also secure continued improvement in milk yield. In order to ensure that the operational management has access to external advice and potential for constant updating of technical knowledge at the highest level, cooperation has been established with both Danish and foreign advisory services and private consultancy firms. These agreements ensure that the scientific basis for milk production is always at a very high level. At the same time, the company has close cooperation with other Slovakian milk producers.

The milk from FirstFarms in Slovakia is sold to different European dairies. In the management's opinion, FirstFarms' ability to provide large and stable quantities of uniformly high quality milk makes purchasing the production an attractive proposition for a number of international dairy companies and consequently also puts the company in a good negotiating position when negotiating contract conditions with milk buyers. A large number of European dairy companies are currently within delivery distance of FirstFarms, and for this reason various options regarding sale of milk are being considered by the company at this time.