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Field production

The crop production in Slovakia comprises approximately 9,300 hectares of EU-subsidised land. A minor part of the land is owned by FirstFarms, whilst 6,800 hectares of land is owned by approximately 5,000 land owners and approximately 2,000 hectares is administered by SPF (Slovakian land fund), which administers state land. 

Considerable investments have been made in agricultural equipment and machinery during FirstFarms' operations and ownership in Slovakia, including new equipment for the production of fodder, transport logistics, tractors and equipment for land preparation. Additionally, old and worn-out material and farming equipment has been disposed of. Ongoing investments are made in the machine park with the main focus on tractors, fine cutters, loading machines, compound feed wagons and transportation equipment.

Machinery in Slovakia (pdf)

Field plan for 2018-2019 (pdf)

The crop composition includes cash crops consisting of rape, wheat, malt barley, rye and maize as well as crops for fodder consisting of maize and Lucerne silage, sorghum and hay. Purchasing of raw goods and the sale of products from vegetable production are done through several major feedstuff companies operating on the market.

The company's policy is to keep extra fodder in stores sufficient for minimum 3 months consumption in addition to the annual feed budget; in this way the greatest possible security is achieved for fluctuations in the fodder production. Concentrated fodder, e.g. in the form of soya and rape, is mainly purchased on contracts.