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FirstFarms Romania

In May 2007, FirstFarms established a platform in Romania with the foundation of a Romanian subsidiary, FirstFarms s.r.l., which purchases farming companies and land in Romania and runs the agricultural companies in Romania. Since 2007, the company has purchased agricultural land and companies divided between Eastern and Western Romania, where the land is sited in areas of high quality and mainly in the black earth belt, comprising highly fertile land and among the best in Europe. Purchase of land in Romania takes place in different ways, i.e. in form of titles (parcels) which subsequently are land registered and joined together, and also in larger consecutive land pieces fully registered, where the price thereby is higher than in the smaller parcels.

As per January 2018, FirstFarms owns a total of 5,460 hectares of land in Romania. Due to the circumstances, by joining the land areas, not all land is operated, but the company is working on getting it land registered and joined, so large-scale operation can take place. 

FirstFarms’ activities in Romania are shown below: